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Saatchi Art Artist: Saatchi Art Artist: Zin Lim; Oil 2013 Painting “ID#02”


by Inez & Vinoodh 2001

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Zin Helena Song
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Just picked my painting up from Zigi’s! Thanks to all who checked out the show :) #art #painting #artfuly #sydney

Go check out this #painting in Times Square! It’ll be with other great artists on the #seemetakeover of the digital billboard at 46th and Broadway for the next 45 minutes :) #art #nyc

Winner: Sir John Sulman Prize 2014

Andrew Sullivan

TitleT-rex (tyrant lizard king)Mediumoil on linenDimensions152.5 x 213 cmFurther information

This painting is part of a larger body of work titled Survey into the Cretaceous, which involves research into our consciousness and its relation to evolution.

A journey 68 million years into the past to collect specimens to paint in my studio can be possible if my imagination and ability as a painter allow it. This is a very deliberate act of consciousness; consciousness being a product of evolution.

- Andrew Sullivan, 2014 


get me these and u have my heart


"pisces" cut paper anatomical collage art by bedelgeuse

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My #art is going to be displayed in Times Square! The show is this Thursday, July 24th from 8-9pm!

The billboards are located at 46th St. and Broadway in the heart of #NYC. Check it out! #seemeetakeover

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but glad to ship this lady off to her new home! #art #painting #decor


(via Artist Offers Cage Stay on Airbnb [UPDATED])

You can rent all types of living accommodations on Airbnb: private rooms, shared apartments, floors in houses … and now, a cage. Courtesy of artist Miao Jiaxin.