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Sougwen ChungÉtude Op. 2, No 1-, High Tide, Bloom, Cocoon, Origin, 2012

Etude Op.2, No 1-4 is the second opus in an ongoing series of meditations on form and memory. The Études’ deliberately minimal approach alludes to an abstract narrative of loss and revival. In succession: Cocoon, Bloom, Flight, High Tide. Formal variation, restrained palettes, and austere compositions invite the viewer into intricately textured worlds that echo beyond the surface of the image.

Drawing informs the character of this series of Études. The dimensional form and composition of each piece is inspired by textures and elements within an original series of improvisational graphite drawings, preserving a sense of immediacy in the final pieces.


Emily Burns Interview.

I did a short interview with painter Emily Burns in preparation for her brand new print, “Tactile Response,” (Second image above) for The People’s Printshop which will be released tomorrow: Friday, March 14th.  

The prefect painting spot! #art #painting


(Torn Cardboards), 2014 Ibon Mainar

Oh. My. Goodness. My work now available on RUGS! Using 100% woven polyester, exceptionally soft touch and high durability. Available in three sizes (2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’) on a subtle chevron pattern. Machine washable!

The Politics of Black Womanhood Illustrated Through Art


The Politics of Black Womanhood Illustrated Through Art


Kosisochukwu Nnebe is Nigerian-Canadian who’s latest project is currently on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as part of their Black History Month program until March 30. Nnebe’s project focuses on the identity of the modern black woman.

According to Nnebe, her project is divided into three parts:

The first part consists of layered paintings on plexiglass that show different…

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Bastien Lecouffe Deharme born in Vannes, France in 1982 is a visual artist, digital painting instructor and novelist, whose work is mainly in the science-fiction, cyberpunk and dark fantasy genre. Deharme has been publish in Spectrum, Random House, Tor Books, Orbit Books, Del Rey, SFX Magazine, Imagine FX. His work is represented by the agency Shannon Associates

Bastien currently lives in Portsmouth, Ohio, USA. 

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Dana Wyse



Today’s Classic: Ophelia

1. By Paul Albert Steck (1895)

2. By John Everett Millais (1852)

3. By Paul Delaroche (1855)

4. By Alexandre Cabanel (1883)

5. By John William Waterhouse (1894)




Kozue Kitchens, born in Yamanashi, Japan. 
Dan Kitchens, born in Long Beach, California, USA. 
Both live and work in Los Angeles, USA. 
Kozyndan is comprised of husband and wife Dan and Kozue Kitchens.

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NastPlas™, from the series, Musicophilia, 2013, digital rendering